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River East Transcona School Division
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Aligner - Vehicle Frame Automotive Stationary
Balancer - Wheel Balancer Automotive Tires
Bander - Edge Bander / Finisher Woodworking
Beader / Crimper -  Metalworking
Bender - Sheetmetal Cleat Metalworking
Bender - Tube / Pipe / Bar Metalworking
Binder - Comb Printing Office Administration
Blower - Leaf Blower
Blower - Snow Blower
Booster - Battery Booster Automotive
Boring Machine -  Line Boring
Brake - Box and Pan Sheetmetal
Brake - Sheetmetal Metalworking
Broiler - Natural Gas Grill
Burner - Wood Burner / Wood Etcher
Cabinet - Sand Blasting
Carosel - Screen Printing and Graphics
Chair - Level Evacuation Chair
Changer - Tire Automotive
Charger - Battery Automotive
Cleaner - Carpet Dry Application
Cleaner - Carpet Wet Application
Collector - Dust Down Draft Table Woodworking
Collector - Dust Portable Woodworking
Collector - Dust Stationary Woodworking
Compressor - Coil Spring Strut Automotive
Compressor - Portable Air Compressor
Compressor - Stationary Air Compressor
Cutter - Hot Wire Styrofoam
Cutter - Paper Industrial Grade Printing and Graphics
Cutter - Paper Manual Guillotine Printing Office Administration
Cutter - Paper Manual Sliding Printing Office Administration
Cutter - Plasma CNC Metalworking
Cutter - Plasma Metalworking
Cutter - Pocket Woodworking
Cutter - Tube / Pipe / Reamer / Threader
Cutter - Vinyl Sheet Material Printing and Graphics
Defibrillator - AED
Door - Overhead Door Equipment
Drill - Drilling Machine / Radial Boring
Drill - Spot Weld
Drill / Driver - Portable Hand Held Electric
Dryer - Conveyor Printing and Graphics
Dryer - Hair Portable Hand Held Hairstyling
Dryer - Hair Stationary Chair Hairstyling
Dryer - Spot Dryer Printing and Graphics
Engraver - Portable Hand Held Plastics and Manufacturing
Engraver - Stationary Plastics and Manufacturing
Exposure Unit - Printing and Graphics
Feeder - Wood Stock Woodworking
Folder - Pittsburgh Sheetmetal Folding Machine Metalworking
Former - Plastic Former
Fryer - Deep Fryer Portable Domestic Table Top Home Ecology
Fryer - Deep Fryer Stationary Commercial Grade Culinary
Griddle - Fry Table Top Home Ecology
Grinder - Surface Grinder Machine Metalworking
Grinder - Valve Automotive
Grinder / Buffer / Polisher - Portable Hand Held Electric
Grinder / Buffer / Polisher - Stationary Bench Pedestal
Gun - Heat Forced Air or Radient
Gun - Hot Glue Gun
Gun - Nailer Manual Electric or Pneumatic
Gun - Soldering Gun
Gun - Spray Paint Autobody
Gun - Stapler Fastener Manual or Electric
Heater - Hot Wax Pot Hairstyling Cosmetology
Heater - Inductive Automotive
Heater - Massage Stone Hairstyling Cosmetology
Heater - Plastic Strip Bender Plastics and Manufacturing
Heater - Plastic Strip Shaper
Hoist - Engine Portable Automotive
Hoist - Vehicle Drive On 2 or 4 Post Automotive
Hotplate - Table Top Science Labs and Home Ecology
Iron - Curling Iron Hairstyling
Iron - Heat Seal Hand Held
Iron - Portable Hand Held Textile Iron
Iron - Soldering Iron
Iron - Stationary Hand Held Textile Iron
Iron - Waffle Griddle Table Top Home Ecology
Ironworker - Metalworking
Jack - Floor Vehicle Service Jack Automotive
Jack - Transmission Automotive
Jogger - Paper Printing and Graphics
Joiner - Hand Held Plate Buscuit Woodworking
Jointer - Woodworking
Kettle - Steam Table Top Home Ecology
Kiln - Stationary Ceramic Curing Art
Laser - Full Spectrum Electronics
Lathe - Brake Drum Rotor Automotive
Lathe - Metalworking
Lathe - Woodworking
Lift - Patient Ceiling Mount Therapy Equipment Student Services
Lift - Patient Floor Therapy Equipment Student Services
Lift - Patient Portable Therapy Equipment Student Services
Lift - Patient Sit Stand Mobile Therapy Equipment Student Services
Lift - Patient Slings and Hardware
Machine - Dowel Woodworking
Machine - Milling Machine Metalworking
Machine - Sewing Commercial Fashion Technology
Maker - Button Printing and Graphics
Maker - Ice Cream Yogurt Maker
Maker - Sign Vinyl Printer Cutter Graphics
Mixer / Blender - Portable Hand Held Domestic Kitchen Grade Home Ecology
Mixer / Blender - Stationary Domestic Kitchen Grade Home Ecology
Mixer / Blender - Stationary Industrial Kitchen Grade Culinary
Mortiser - Hollow Chisel Woodworking
Moulder - Plastic Injection Plastics and Manufacturing
N/A - Not Applicable
Notcher - Sheetmetal Metalworking
Oven - Cook and Hold Culinary
Oven - Electrode Stabalizing
Oven - Microwave
Oven - Stove / Range / Cooktop
Planer - Portable Hand Held Manual or Electric
Planer - Stationary Thickness Planer Woodworking
Platemaker - Printing Press Graphics
Pneumatic Hand Tools - Wrench / Ratchet / Gun /  Driver / Hammer / Chisel / Impact / Other
Polisher - Portable Hand Held Autobody Electric or Pneumatic
Press - Arbor Metalworking
Press - Drill Press Stationary
Press - Heat Printing Graphics
Press - Hydraulic H Style
Press - Mini Press Woodworking
Press - Offset Printing Graphics
Press - Paddy Wagon Graphics
Press - Portable Drill Magnetic Multi Positional
Printer - 3D (3 Dimensional) Laser Printer
Processor - Food Table Top Electric Processor
Pugmill - Mixer Art
Puller - Dent Autobody
Pump - Portable Hydraulic Hand Held
Pump - Vacuum Pump
Punch - Metal Stationary Metalworking
Refridgerant Recovery - Recycle - Charging Machine HVAC
Rescue Chair - Level Evacuation Equipment Student Services
Rescue Slide - Level Evacuation Equipment Student Services
Roller - Metal Bar Metalworking
Roller - Sheetmetal Slip Metalworking
Rotary Tool - Multi Purpose Hand Held Portable Electric
Router - CNC Router Machine
Router - Hand Held Portable Electric
Router Table - Router Mounted to Table Woodworking
Sander - Belt and Disc Stationary Woodworking
Sander - Belt Wide Edge Stationary Woodworking
Sander - Drum Belt Surface Stationary Woodworking
Sander - Portable Belt Hand Held Woodworking
Sander - Portable Hand Held Finishing Woodworking
Sander - Spindle Stationary Woodworking
Sander - Vertical Belt Stationary Woodworking
Saw - Band Saw Horizontal
Saw - Band Saw Vertical
Saw - Chainsaw
Saw - Circular Portable Saw Hand Held Powered
Saw - Cut Off Portable Hand Held Abrasive Disc In Line Plastics and Metal
Saw - Cut Off Steel Blade Chop Saw Woodworking
Saw - Jig / Saber Saw Portable Hand Held
Saw - Manual Hand Held Woodworking
Saw - Metal Cut Off Abrasive Disc Stationary
Saw - Miter Angle Cut Compound Sliding Woodworking
Saw - Miter Manual Hand Box Woodworking
Saw - Panel Woodworking
Saw - Radial Arm Woodworking
Saw - Reciprocating Saws-All
Saw - Scroll Saw Woodworking
Saw - Table Saw Woodworking
Saw - Table Sliding Feed Woodworking
Screen Printer - Conveyor
Screwdriver - Portal Hand Held Electric
Seperator - Tire Bead Wheel Automotive
Sewing Machine - Domestic Home Ecology
Shaper - Woodworking
Sharpener - Drill Bit
Shear - Metal Swing Plate Metalworking
Shear - Sheet Metal Metalworking
Shear - Sheetmetal Portable Hand Held Metalworking
Shear - Sheetmetal Squaring Metalworking
Sheeter - Dough Roller Culinary
Shrinker Stretcher - Sheetmetal Stationary Manual Metalworking
Skillet - Tilt Power Brazing Pan Culinary
Slicer - Deli Meat
Slide - Level Evacuation Slide
Slings / Rigging / Hardware - Swings and Lift Therapy Equipment Student Services
Slitter - Sheetmetal Shear Metalworking
Sterilizer - UV Hairstyling
Swing - Ceiling Mount Therapy Equipment Student Services
Table - Patient Change Portable Lift Table - Therapy Equipment Student Services
Table - Patient Change Stationary Lift Table Wall Mount Therapy Equipment Student Services
Table - Sliding Material Table Saw Attachment Woodworking
Table - Steam Table Food Service Culinary
Table - UV Light Table Graphics
Tester - Battery Load Automotive
To be determined
Trimmer - Laminate Portable Hand Held Woodworking
Tunnel - Wind Tunnel Power and Energy
Vacuum - Plastic Former
Vacuum - Plastic Packaging Machine
Vacuum - Portable Shop Wet Dry
Washer - 3D Printer Wash Station
Washer - Dishwasher Commercial Conveyor Culinary
Washer - Dishwasher Domestic Grade Home Ecology
Washer - Parts Portable Acrylic Agent
Washer - Parts Portable Solvent Agent
Washer - Pressure Washer Water
Washer - Stationary Parts Acrylic Agent
Washer - Stationary Parts Solvent Agent
Welder - Arc Stick Metalworking
Welder - Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Metalworking
Welder - Plastic Repair
Welder - Spot Metalworking
Welder - Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Metalworking
Wok - Electric Table Top Home Ecology
Wok - Natural Gas Stationary Culinary