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RETSD Workplace Safety, Health and Environment Website

Our Commitment

To hold safety, security and vigilance above comfort, convenience and complacency in all we do to keep school environments safe for everyone. Every time. Every day. Together.

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The River East Transcona School Division is pleased to provide our workplace safety and health management system (WSHMS) website to our students, workers, and ​the community.  River East Transcona School Division is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all stakeholders that attend our facilities.

Kelly Barkman, Superintendent and CEO of River East Transcona School Division, shares our divisional workplace safety philosophy and commitment in the Superintendent's safety message.  


In this video, Superintendent Kelly Barkman states senior management commitment to our workplace safety and health program development, implementation and continual improvement at River East Transcona School Division.​
If you are experiencing playback issues on this page, please try Superintendent's Workplace Safety Message Review Link on Vimeo.
​If you desire a written transcript of this video, please click on Superintendent's Workplace Safety Message​ Transcript Link.​​​

How to Use this Website

Workplace safety information, instructions, training and safe work procedures need to be accessible for all workers in the workplace. Being able to find the information in a timely manner is critical when needed.

Use the navigation links across the top of this page, the site contents links, or the navigation links on this page to access the RETSD safety and health program. 

Workplace Safety Program Administration

Manager, Workplace Safety and Health and Administrative Services (Divisional Safety and Health Officer)

Maintenance Department

1455 Molson Street, Winnipeg, MB. R2G 3S6

Phone: 204.669.5660 Ext. 2253


 Summary Workplace Safety Reporting

All RETSD Staff (Employee) Workplace Safety Concern, Injury or Incident Reporting Procedure

Step ​1

Speak directly to your management supervisor, administrator or equivalent person in charge at the worksite to report your safety concern, injury or incident without undue delay.

What should happen next:

Generally, your management supervisor (school administrator or department director / supervisor) should discuss your concern, injury or incident with you in person, conduct a brief investigation, visit the concern or incident site if applicable, and direct you to file a written report in Employee Connect using the Incident tab.

Your management supervisor should also ask you if you have or will be seeking medical assessment or treatment due to the injury, where specifically you intend to go for medical treatment (clinic name, hospital, or doctor name), and direct you to take an Occupational Health Assessment Form OHAF (see form links below) to the first visit with your medical practitioner.

Remember to follow up your verbal safety concern or incident report with a written report using the Incident tab in Employee Connect without undue delay.

Submission of a written report using Employee Connect is vitally important as it sets off a chain of critical notifications to your management supervisor to prompt investigation, and to the Human Resources Department and Safety and Health Officer to ensure you are looked after appropriately, all external agencies are notified as applicable in a timely manner, and you are transitioned back to work in a safe manner.

If you are or will be seeking medical assessment or treatment for your workplace injury, or any injury where you may be missing time from work because of it, call or text the Safety and Health Officer at local extension 2253 or cell (text) 204.471.5693 after speaking with your management supervisor, without delay, before leaving your worksite where reasonable and practical to do so.

What should happen next:

You are in the best position to know what is going on with you and your injury, and the Safety and Health Officer needs to know of your status and what is gong on with you as you seek medical assessment or treatment for your injury that may prevent you from returning to work. 

Please take an 
Occupational Health Assessment Form (OHAF) to your medical visit and have your medical practitioner complete the form.

We provide two options for medical practitioners to fill and file the OHAF form on your behalf:

1. Electronic / Online RETSD Occupational Health Assessment Form Link (MS Form) allows the medical practitioner to access and file the report form online.

2. Electronic / PDF Document RETSD Occupational Health Assessment Form Link (PDF) allows the medical practitioner to electronically fill the PDF form or print off and manually fill in the form. The completed form can be saved as PDF and emailed to RETSD as directed on the form.

Please pay any fees associated with the medical practitioner completing the form and send receipt of payment c/o Safety and Health Officer, Maintenance Department for reimbursement through payroll. We can accept documents other than the originals, so photos and scans are acceptable. (Email:, text 204.471.5693)

The expectation is that a completed occupational health assessment form is submitted to your management supervisor and the Safety and Health Officer prior to your next scheduled work shift without undue delay.

Occupational Health Assessment Form Link

​Step 2

​File a written safety concern, injury or incident report online using the Incident tab in Employee Connect as soon as you are able and without delay. The person primarily responsible for filing is the reporting employee.

What should happen next:

If you are an employee and for whatever reason do not have access to Employee Connect, your management supervisor can access your Employee Connect account and file the written report on your behalf. Discuss this option with your management supervisor if this is your situation. It may be prudent for the management supervisor to file the report on the Incident tab at the same time they are receiving the verbal report for expediency.

All written incident reports filed in Employee Connect are added to your management supervisor's Admin Connect dashboard for documenting investigation, corrective actions and dispensation. You can check your Employee Connect profile for the status of your report at any time.

All written incident reports filed in Employee Connect are emailed to the Safety and Health Office and Human Resources so they can be managed accordingly, particularly if the concern, injury or incident is serious in nature and could result in workers compensation claims or reportable incidents to the workplace safety and health division.

Step 3

RETSD has a Return to Work Disability Management Program

What should happen next:

If you will be or might be missing time away from work for any reason due to temporary or permanent disability, related to injury or illness, work related or not, you are expected to participate in the RETSD Return to Work Disability Management Program.

By default, unless otherwise indicated, the school division will provide modified work of value to accommodate virtually any physical restrictions you may have.

Unless totally disabled or hospitalized, staff are expected to meet with their management supervisor, in person or at a minimum by phone, without delay, prior to their next scheduled work shift, to discuss modified duties.

Failure to participate in the RETSD Return to Work Disability Management Program may result in discipline or loss or delay of benefits.

For more information on the Return to Work Disability Management Program, click on the link provided below.

Return to Work Disability Management Program Link

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