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Q: I am injured at work - What do I do?

​A: You need to follow a basic 2 step process of verbally telling your management supervisor and filing a written report in Employee Connect without undue delay. If you are seeking medical treatment for a work related injury, there are additional steps required.

So here is what to do...

  1. Verbally tell a supervisor that is a representative of management (i.e. administrator, director, manager, supervisor, foreman) of your concern or injury incident without undue delay.

  2. If you are seeking medical treatment for a work related related injury (i.e. attending a hospital or medical clinic due to the workplace related injury), take Occupations Health Assessment Form (OHAF) with you for your medical practitioner to complete on your behalf, specifically the physical capabilities section. If there is a fee for filling the OHAF form, please pay the fee and keep the receipt for inclusion in step 4.Make a phone call to the Safety and Health Officer at 204.471.6793 to inform them that you are or will be seeking medical treatment for the work related injury. Remind your supervisor that they should be calling the Safety and Health Officer as well. This is important to do.

  3. Return the medical practitioner completed OHAF and any fee receipts to your supervisor that is a representative of management (i.e. ideally the administrator, director, manager, supervisor, foreman you reported to in step 1) without undue delay. Any fees will be paid back to you through payroll.

  4. File a written safety incident report using the Incident tab in Employee Connect. If you don't have access to employee Connect, have your administrator file a report on you behalf using Admin Connect.

  5. Cooperate with your supervisor to formulate a return to work plan that transitions you back to work under modified duties.