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River East Transcona School Division
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Kindergarten Preparation

Preparing a child for kindergarten is an exciting time for the whole family. We have a variety of programs and services to help the transition to school go smoothly. Watch for details in a special issue of the Kinder Links newsletter.

Welcome to Kindergarten Bags

Every family registering for kindergarten receives a sack full of materials, resources and activities that can be enjoyed by both parents and children during the months leading up to kindergarten.

Contents have been carefully chosen by our staff and include items such as an interactive calendar, crayons, scissors with instructions for use, math-related items such as cards and dice, and a pencil with a finger grip. We also include parenting resources.

Growing & Learning Events (spring)

We welcome all new students and families into our division with a Growing & Learning event – a warm "welcome to the community of school" seminar in partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Families move through a series of fun and interactive stations featuring activities with kindergarten teachers, meet-and-greet with health and student support services professionals and even vision and hearing screening. 

Growing & Learning events are offered each spring, with schools alternating hosting responsibilities.
Registration form available here.

Kinder Camps (June through August)

Kinder Camps are specially designed for parents and children about to enter kindergarten.

You and your child will explore print, rhyme, music, early math and beginning sounds through activities guaranteed to get everyone excited about the upcoming adventure of school.

As a family, you will also get an opportunity to become acquainted with the schedule of a kindergarten day. Camps run two hours per week for five weeks in the spring, and run as week-long, half-day camps in July and August.

Check out the 2020 schedule.
Registration form available here.

Literacy Links Home Visiting (May through August)

If you have registered for kindergarten we encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful free program that happens right in the comfort of home.

Trained facilitators visit you three times and provide the whole family with materials, resources and ideas for learning and preparing together for the great adventure of kindergarten.

Sign up for Literacy Links.