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Valedictorian Augustus Stearns

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
June 23, 2021

MURD Augustus Sterns.jpgWhen Augustus Stearns was told he would be valedictorian for Murdoch MacKay Collegiate, he felt like his high school experience was coming to a perfect end.

"I always told myself that with trying so hard in school and being involved, that becoming valedictorian would be like the cherry on top," he said. "I was elated when I found out and wanted to do my class proud."

To earn this honour, Augustus showed that he was hard working and could be trusted, in addition to having public speaking abilities.

"I did this through my hard work throughout my time at Murdoch, which is reflected in my grades," he said.

His favourite class this year was drama. Even though it's a class reliant on working with others, which was a challenge in a pandemic setting, they were still able to pull off a play in a virtual setting. And it let Augustus perform, which is something he loves doing.

Graduating during a pandemic is certainly not the best. They get our convocation and to receive their diploma, but sadly due to public health orders, they don't get the end-of-year celebration most look forward to when they think of their graduation day. It's hard to truly accept the end when they didn't really get the chance to say goodbye.

His plans for the future include attending the University of Winnipeg for film and theatre. From there, he plans to pursue his passion for film as a cinematographer.

A passage from Augustus's valedictory address: "'I think we would all like a little more time within these walls' — A quote that seemed to be generalized to everyone, but when writing it I had my own thoughts of my high school experience in mind. I hold onto things, and I'm really going to miss this school."