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Outdoor Learning

John de Graff School
October 22, 2020

Untitled-1.jpgMany of our schools took to outdoor learning when the weather was warmer, including this John de Graff class. Teacher Sasha Bargen says, "Our outdoor learning experiences so far have been very rewarding and authentic to what we are learning in the classroom. We make connections to letters, numbers, shapes, and patterns we see and can create using nature. While teaching daily and seasonal changes we have been able to hear, see, and feel how our schoolyard and the creatures flying above us, or scurrying through our forest, are adapting and preparing for winter. We have used the open spaces to solidify our understandings through creative movements to learn letter sounds."

(As per COVID protocols the students are working six feet apart; masks aren't required for students in Grade 3 and under)

Outdoor 2.jpg