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Looking After Our Earth

Angus McKay School
March 06, 2020

three students sitting at table with parent councilWe'd like to give a shout out Ms. McFarlane's Grade 1 class at Angus McKay School—especially three enterprising students. 

They were concerned about the Styrofoam trays they noticed the parent council was using for their Christmas bake sale. So, they did some research and found a company called Canada Green that makes compostable containers. 

Their class wrote a letter and the three students presented it to the parent council at their evening meeting, explaining why it's important to look after our Earth. They had samples and explained the containers are made from corn sugar, which melts. 

The parents were very impressed and are going to look into using an alternate method. While the effort was facilitated by Ms. McFarlane, the idea originated from the students. Our kids are making a difference! (And at such a young age!)