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Literacy Project

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate & Harold Hatcher Elementary School
January 28, 2020

DSC_9170b.jpgSome Murdoch MacKay Collegiate students visited Harold Hatcher Elementary School recently to engage the younger children as part of a literacy project for their Grade 12 English class.

The Murdoch students were paired up with the younger students and read stories to them they had written. They had to plot out a theme for their story, create a storyboard and rough draft, edit it, and create their final written and illustrated copy.

The Harold Hatcher students got to ask the older students about their story ideas and writing techniques, make connections to their own creative processes, and then write "About the Author" descriptions for the Murdoch students' books.

Murdoch teachers have organized this several times with teachers from both Harold Hatcher and Wayoata Elementary School. It's one of many examples of how RETSD schools at different age levels work together to everyone's benefit.