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Diabetes In-School Champion

Neil Campbell School
May 23, 2019

neilcampbell1c.jpgCongratulations to Neil Campbell School on being recognized as a Diabetes In-School Champion by the Sir Frederick Banting Legacy Foundation (SFBLF) and winning a Gold Level Award!  

SFBLF will be sharing aspects of the school's practices nationally and internationally as a helpful guide and motivator.

They were impressed with the school's innovative, thoughtful and pragmatic program that ensures every day is a welcoming, supportive and safe day for students living with diabetes. Neil Campbell was commended for their outstanding example of effective and collaborative teamwork.

 "We have students living with diabetes at Neil Campbell and realized that we needed to provide specialized support to them," says teacher Sara Pauls. "I set up a team of teachers to deal with low blood sugars and who can respond to any of the students in a confident and calm manner."

The school has a plan in place to activate the team to respond to a sugar low using alert cards that the students with diabetes can hand to a peer in the classroom to give to an adult. All staff in the school, including substitutes and lunch staff, know what to do when handed an alert card. Also, when the students go on field trips or to sporting events, a member of the team is always in attendance.