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River East Transcona School Division
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Students Win Career Trek Awards

River East Transcona School Division
May 23, 2019

career1.jpgCongratulations to our students who took part in Career Trek and earned themselves honours! Career Trek is an organization that helps young people discover the importance of education and career development by providing hands-on career-oriented programming. The following students were presented with awards:

Sierra Jones (Class Act Award for Theatre & Film)—Bernie Wolfe Community School

Demi Sojirin (Community Champion Award for Native Studies)—Hampstead School

Jordan-Lee Kinley ('Kin' for the Win Award for Kinesiology)—Prince Edward School

Anthony Alexander (Sparking Interest Award for Electronics)—Polson School

Winter Bird-Mackenzie (I Will Succeed Scholarship Award)—Polson School

Hunter Bouska (Matter Master Award for Cheminstry)—Radisson School

Mckenzie Fischer-Andrews (Leaders of Tomorrow Award for Peace & Conflict)—Radisson School

Vincent Frias (Friend of the Environment Award for Environmental Science)—Sherwood School

Hala Kasem (High Flyer Award for Aerospace)—Salisbury Morse Place School

Ashton Leclerc (The Little Engineer That Could Award for Engineering)—Salisbury Morse Place School

Photos: (top, left to right) Hunter Bouska, McKenzie Fisher-Andrews, Anthony Alexander, and Winter Bird-Mackenzie; (bottom, left to right) Sierra Jones, Demi Sojirin, and Jordan-Lee Kinley.