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Take Care & Talk

Chief Peguis Junior High
March 07, 2019

Take Care 1a.jpgChief Peguis Junior High has developed a "Take Care & Talk" campaign to teach students the skills and strategies to deal with some specific peer situations. Each homeroom worked with a resource teacher or counsellor, along with classroom teachers, to learn how to respond to:

- Peers disclosing harm to self, harm to others, or possession of dangerous objects at school

- Someone asking for or sending inappropriate photos

- Signs that a friend may be in a depression

The message was to "talk to a trusted adult immediately." Each student was given a bracelet with the "Take Care & Talk" message on one side and the Kids Help Phone text number on the other, as well as a card listing some other resources available.

Staff and students were surveyed, and the response was overall very positive. Students felt they could now respond appropriately in these situations and several requested future meetings to address other issues.