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Students Explore Human Library

Bird's Hill School
February 26, 2019

Human Library 1a.jpgRETSD schools are always looking for intriguing new ways to educate students and capture their imagination. One such practice that's becoming popular in libraries and schools is a "human library," where people are on loan instead of books, and they share their stories.

Bird's Hill School students got to experience a human library the morning of February 22. The school had 13 visitors, each with tales to tell about their experiences, interests, skills, and more. The students rotated through three rounds of guests and each story session was 30 minutes.

They had quite an accomplished and diverse group of visitors: Métis law student Breanne Lavallée-Heckert, who was prime minister for a day and got to spend time with Justin Trudeau; world traveller Colleen Gusnoski; makeup artist Dea Code, who has done makeup for movies and the news; lepidopterist (butterfly expert) Cheryl Jeffery; Donovan Ball, recipient of the Star of Military Valour; internal medicine nurse Kaley Irwin; nutritionist Amy Marshall; fitness studio owner Tess White; retired national gymnast Vienna Code; animal rescuer Meg Norton of Manitoba Underdogs; Olympic medalist and rowing coach Janine Stevens; beekeeper Joe McGowan; and cancer fundraiser and long-distance runner Cole Choken.

​Photo: (left to right) Kaley Irwin, Cole Choken, Cheryl Jeffery, Joe Janik, Tess White, Dea Code (front), Colleen Gusnoski (back), Vienna Code (front), Janine Stevens (back), Meg Norton with Cheerio the dog, Breanne Lavallee-Heckert, Cheerio's foster carer Lenora Chapman Bisson, Bird's Hill teacher librarian Leslie Dent Scarcello, and Donovan Ball.