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School Announcements

Miles Mac Students "Depave Paradise"

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
June 24, 2022
‚ÄčColl√®ge Miles Macdonell Collegiate has begun to create a new sustainable outdoor classroom! It is located by the Kimberly Avenue staff parking lot just outside the school library.
This space will be open to students, staff, AND members of the community, and construction is in progress. The school anticipates the project will be...

Indigenous Mural Greets Visitors at John Pritchard School

John Pritchard School
June 21, 2022
‚ÄčThe students and staff of John Pritchard School are very excited that a mural in their school is officially complete. It showcases the commitment John Pritchard has to reconciliation and has many Indigenous themes woven throughout. The mural was a collaborative effort between last year's and this year's Grade 6 classes...

Students Win at National French Competition

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
June 21, 2022
‚Äč Congratulations to Anna Nevoit and Rohan Mariash, both students at Coll√®ge Miles Macdonell Collegiate, who placed second and third, respectively, in their categories at the national Concours d'art oratoire. This year, the competition was virtual, and participants submitted videos. The Concours d'art oratoire is a public speaking contest sponsored by...

Ribbon Cut at New Sun Valley Park

√Čcole Sun Valley School
June 14, 2022
‚Äč On Friday, June 10, officials from RETSD, the city, the province, and others attended a ribbon cutting at √Čcole Sun Valley School, announcing the opening of a new park in the school yard that was a joint venture. The beautiful outdoor classroom and natural playground are part of Phase 2...

Distinguished Teacher Award

Angus McKay School
June 08, 2022
‚Äč Congratulations to teacher Lindsey Surridge from Angus McKay School  on being chosen to receive a Distinguished Teacher Award from Brandon University!
Lindsey was born and raised in Brandon. She graduated with a bachelor of education from Brandon University in 2004 and began her teaching career with River East Transcona...

Schulich Leader & BMO Leader of Tomorrow

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
June 07, 2022
‚Äč Congratulations to Rebekah Soneye from Murdoch MacKay Collegiate on being selected to be a Schulich Leader at the University of Manitoba, winning $80,000 in scholarship funding! She is now part of an esteemed network of national STEM scholars at one of Canada's leading universities. 
Rebekah was also selected to receive a...

REC Student Chosen for German Debate Finals

River East Collegiate
June 03, 2022
‚Äč Every democracy needs citizens who ask critical questions, who are not afraid to express their views, but who also know how to listen to the opinions of others and respond to them in a matter-of-fact and fair way. "Jugend debattiert Nordamerika" develops these essential competences as an international German-speaking debating...

‚ÄčStudents Excel at French Competition

French Immersion/Milieu Schools
June 01, 2022
‚Äč Congratulations to the RETSD students who participated in the provincial finals of the Concours d'art oratoire, a French language public speaking competition. You did us proud! Five students placed in the top three in their categories, and three of those students won first place! Anna, Kathit, and Rohan will be...

RETSD Students Win at Skills Canada

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate & Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
May 30, 2022
‚Äč Congratulations to the four RETSD students who brought home medals from Skills Canada in three categories: Gold Medal
Precision Machining
JB Pagdanganan
Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
Silver Medal
3-D Character Computer Animation
Liam Cwiak & Brayden Quinn
Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
Bronze Medal
Michael Abellara
Kildonan-East Collegiate
This year's Skills Canada National Competition was held in Vancouver,...

May is Music Month!

Joseph Teres School
May 04, 2022
‚Äč Students at Joseph Teres School celebrated the start of Music Month on Monday, May 2, which also happened to be Music Monday. They took part in a schoolwide assembly with Dr. Ben Reimer, a contemporary drumkit specialist. One school cohort took part live with Dr. Reimer and other students joined...

New Track for REC Students

River East Collegiate
February 22, 2022

Along with students, River East Collegiate principal Sandy Dzuba (second from left), councillor Markus Chambers, councillor Brian Mayes, councillor Jeff Browaty, and trustee Peter Kotyk, wearing a River East Kodiaks jersey. The battered asphalt running track behind River East Collegiate will be transformed into a modern, rubberized 400-metre running track thanks...

Stained-Glass Window Project

English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program
February 18, 2022
‚Äč (Left to right) Two windows at Prince Edward School, a window at Chief Peguis School, and detail from the Chief Peguis window commemorating the English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program's 40 years in RETSD (Photos by Norbert K. Iwan).
Some beautiful stained-glass windows now adorn the buildings of Prince Edward School and Chief...

Student Recognized for Winning Design

John Pritchard School
February 09, 2022
‚Äč Congratulations to Marco‚ÄĒfrom David Wiebe's Grade 7 class at John Pritchard School‚ÄĒon winning a competition put on by the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC)! As a part of MCIC's celebrations for International Development Week (IDW)‚ÄĒFebruary 6 to 12‚ÄĒclasses across Manitoba were challenged to recreate a $20 bill based on...

RETSD Students Receive Indigenous Achievement Awards

RETSD Senior Years Schools
February 08, 2022
‚Äč‚ÄčFive students from River East Transcona have been chosen to receive Manitoba Indigenous Youth Achievement Awards for 2022. The award ceremonies were scheduled to take place virtually on February 2 and March 8. On February 2, awards were presented to Chloe Telenko, a Grade 11 student from Murdoch MacKay Collegiate, and...

Yes I Can! Award Winners

Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School, River East Collegiate & Robert Andrews Middle School
January 27, 2022
‚Äč Congratulations to the RETSD students and staff who have recently been recognized by the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC)! Kaity Linton, who attends Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School, will receive a "Yes I Can! Award" in the category of Self Advocacy; and Alexander Wasyliw, who attends River East Collegiate, will...

REC student to represent Canada at German Olympiad

River East Collegiate
January 12, 2022
‚Äč Josiah French, a Grade 10 student in the English-German Bilingual Program at River East Collegiate, won second place in his category of the Goethe-Institut's International German Olympiad (IDO‚ÄĒInternationale Deutsch Olympiade) and is one of only two students chosen to represent Canada at the world finals of the IDO 2022 in...

Food Hampers for the Community

√Čcole Neil Campbell School
December 15, 2021
‚Äč In early December, every classroom at √Čcole Neil Campbell School collected non-perishable items for two weeks to help people in need in their local community.  Over a two week period, students and staff collected more than 15 boxes full of food that would be donated. A group of Grade 5 students...

Newcomers Enjoy Moose Game

River East Transcona Immigrant Services
December 14, 2021

River East Transcona Immigrant Services would like to thank the Manitoba Moose for generously donating 100 tickets to newcomer families in our community.  For most families, this was their first time ever watching a hockey game. Each person was also treated to a free drink and popcorn courtesy of the...

Sidewalk Poetry/La poésie de trottoir

River East Transcona School Division
December 08, 2021
‚Äč This past year, you may have been walking down the sidewalk and seen the colourful results of a recent project‚ÄĒSidewalk Poetry/La po√©sie de trottoir‚ÄĒthat was the brainchild of RETSD languages consultant Ingrid Moehlmann.
She was looking for ways to motivate students to write creatively in their second language. Students from...

Ride Inside for CancerCare

√Čcole Sun Valley School
November 19, 2021
‚Äč This week, students in Grades 4 and 5 at √Čcole Sun Valley School came together and fundraised to help treat cancers young people are facing; it's called the "Ride Inside" fundraiser and it's through CancerCare Manitoba.  They're so fortunate to have several bike desks at their school and they're always in...

El Día de los Muertos

Kildonan-East Collegiate
November 18, 2021
‚Äč At Kildonan-East Collegiate, teacher Ebony Hunter‚Äôs Grade 10/11 class got to make ofrendas‚ÄĒaltars for loved ones who have passed‚ÄĒto celebrate El D√≠a de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Students lucky enough to not have a loved one who has passed chose a famous person to honour instead. They also...

Walk for Wenjack

Bertrun E. Glavin School
October 22, 2021
Grade 5 students at Bertrun E. Glavin School engaged in learning the story of Chanie Wenjack, who died escaping Cecilia Jeffrey Residential School in an attempt to walk 600 km home to his family. Students wrote letters to Chanie’s family, created artwork to share his story, and participated in a “Walk...

Little Green Thumbs Program

Sherwood School
October 07, 2021
‚Äč Sherwood School students planted seeds over the winter (Little Green Thumbs Program) and in the spring planted the resulting plants in the school's community garden boxes.  Over the summer, Sherwood families took care of the gardens. They watered, weeded, and harvested fresh vegetables.  They are now emptied for the fall...

Community Walk for Residential School Survivors

√Čcole Salisbury Morse Place School
October 04, 2021
‚Äč The students in Natica Warmington's Grade 7 class at √Čcole Salisbury Morse Place School were very excited for a community walk they planned for October 1 in support of the survivors of residential schools and those who didn't come home. The students began their learning in early September when Ms....

Every Child Matters

Kildonan-East Collegiate
September 28, 2021
‚Äč Students at Kildonan-East Collegiate have been reflecting upon what Every Child Matters means to them and capturing their thoughts in 10 words or less. Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre will collect the writing and prepare tobacco ties for each piece that will burn in a sacred fire on Sept....

Kindness & Mindfulness

Angus McKay School & Lord Wolseley School
September 17, 2021
‚Äč Teacher Rachel Dueck shared that ‚Äúthe first week back to school we talked about being kind to ourselves, using positives words of kindness to not only other people but ourselves.‚ÄĚ Her Grade 1/2 class at Lord Wolseley and Grade 2 class at Angus McKay participated in this exercise. The kids...

Students Affirm Indigenous Identity

Valley Gardens Middle School
September 15, 2021
‚Äč On Sept. 13, 20 students from Valley Gardens Middle school gathered in the sunshine on the dock at the Manitoba Canoe and Kayak Centre, buzzing excitedly as they learned the safe way to get into their canoes. The students are spending five days taking part in a canoe education program...

Friendly Faces

√Čcole Springfield Heights School
September 13, 2021
‚Äč √Čcole Springfield Heights School teachers wanted students to see the smiling faces that are under their masks, so they started a new initiative for the first week of school.  They all had selfies of themselves printed and laminated, then hung them around their necks with lanyards.  Many of the teachers...


River East Transcona School Division
September 07, 2021
‚Äč In September 2021, Grade 9 students across RETSD will receive yellow carabiners that will serve as physical links to mental health resources that can be found in their schools. These links can be found at the yellow friendship benches. If you've visited any of our high schools (pre-pandemic) you may...

Choral Composition

River East Collegiate
June 29, 2021
‚Äč Please enjoy this choral composition in collaboration with Scott Reimer, supported by River East Collegiate, a Laura Hawley Micro-Grant, and a Manitoba Arts Education Grant.  Although this is a chamber choir audio/video recording, all REC choir students contributed to the evolution of this song project through discussions, lyric ideas, and...

Sidewalk Poetry Project

Princess Margaret School
June 29, 2021
‚Äč Several of Princess Margaret School's English-German Bilingual Program teachers were involved in a sidewalk poetry project this year. This project came together under the direction and support of our divisional languages consultant, Ingrid Moehlmann. Classroom teachers used the writing process and students' love of poetry and their imaginations to write...

Valedictorian Emily Melnyk

River East Collegiate
June 25, 2021
‚Äč Emily Melnyk was really surprised and overwhelmed with emotion when she was told she had been chosen to be valedictorian for River East Collegiate.  "I really didn't think I was going to be chosen, so I was initially in shock when I heard they chose me," said Emily. "I was...

Valedictorian Joseph Illunga

McLeod Adult Learning Centre
June 24, 2021
‚Äč Joseph Illunga was very honoured to share a message on behalf of his classmates as valedictorian of McLeod Adult Learning Centre.
"I couldn't believe it," he said. "This was my first and last speech."
Joseph has been a student at McLeod for five years and he has shown so much...

Valedictorian Hannah Cole

Transcona Collegiate
June 24, 2021
‚Äč Hannah Cole was overcome with excitement and pride when she was told she was chosen to be valedictorian for Transcona Collegiate. "The other candidates were extremely deserving, so I experienced a moment of shock," she said. "I knew that I immediately had to run and tell my mom, who I...

Valedictorian Augustus Stearns

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
June 23, 2021
‚Äč When Augustus Stearns was told he would be valedictorian for Murdoch MacKay Collegiate, he felt like his high school experience was coming to a perfect end.
"I always told myself that with trying so hard in school and being involved, that becoming valedictorian would be like the cherry on top,"...

Valedictorian Arielle Valencia

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
June 23, 2021
‚Äč Arielle Valencia was overwhelmed with happiness when she was told she was chosen to be valedictorian for Coll√®ge Miles Macdonell Collegiate.
"I even shed some tears!" she said. "I felt that all my hard work had paid off, not only regarding my academics, but most importantly, my growth as a...

Valedictorian Riley Kotzer

Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
June 22, 2021
‚Äč Riley Kotzer felt honoured when he was told he was chosen to be one of the valedictorians for Coll√®ge Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau. "I looked forward to sharing this experience with a peer," he said.
To earn this honour, Riley did what he loved, which included playing hockey and playing a major role...

Valedictorian Emily Hiebert

Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
June 22, 2021
‚Äč Emily Hiebert was very surprised when she was told she was one of the valedictorians for Coll√®ge Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau. "It was not something I had really saw myself doing," she said. "However, I was and continue to be grateful to be given the opportunity to represent the other students in my...

Valedictorian Winny Malok

Kildonan-East Collegiate
June 21, 2021
When Winny Malok was told she would be valedictorian for Kildonan-East Collegiate, she was ecstatic. "Being valedictorian has always been something I dreamed of," said Winny. "I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity to speak on behalf of my class."
To earn this honour, Winny worked hard to keep a high academic...

Manitoba Indigenous Games

√Čcole Salisbury Morse Place School
June 21, 2021
‚Äč Two Grade 8 √Čcole Salisbury Morse Place School students medalled at the Manitoba Indigenous Games held May 4‚Äď31, 2021. Cash Richards won gold in the U16 Foxtails & Targets event, and Avy Courchene won silver in the same event. Congratulations, Cash and Avy!

Schulich Leader

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
June 17, 2021
Congratulations to Jordon Hong from Coll√®ge Miles Macdonell Collegiate on being selected to be a Schulich Leader at the University of Manitoba, winning $80,000 in scholarship funding! Way to go!

RETSD Students Win at Skills Canada

Senior Years Students
June 16, 2021
‚ÄčCongratulations to the three RETSD students who brought home silver medals from Skills Canada in two categories:
3-D Character Computer Animation‚ÄĒAbigail Yates and Avery McAmmond, Miles Macdonell Collegiate Baking‚ÄĒMichael Abellera, Kildonan-East Collegiate
The Skills Canada National Competition is the only national, Olympic-style, multi-trade and technology competition for young students and apprentices in...

New Bike Racks for RETSD Schools

Donwood School
June 01, 2021
‚Äč Just in time for all this beautiful weather, Donwood School has had a newly fashioned bike rack installed in front of the school, and it has the name of the school in metal letters atop the rack. It took a group collaboration to make this impressive bike rack, and others,...

Tribute Sash

Harold Hatcher School
May 31, 2021
‚ÄčHarold Hatcher teacher Liana Romeo gave her Grade 4 class an assignment to complete over the weekend about the M√©tis. One of the choices was to create a sash on a loom.  Student Kainoah Relin   chose to make a sash with 215 rows to connect to the tragedy in Kamloops (the remains...

German Debating Competition

River East Collegiate
May 31, 2021
Congratulations to Ivan Myastkivskyy from River East Collegiate on qualifying for the North America finals of the "Jugend debattiert," a German debating competition for high school students around the world. In two 24-minute debates, Ivan showed his great talent, competing in the native speakers category.
In 2021, "Jugend debattiert" was introduced...

Students Excel at French Competition

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
May 07, 2021
‚Äč Congratulations to the students from RETSD who participated in the provincial finals of the Concours d'art oratoire, a French language public speaking competition. You did us proud! We had four entries this year, all from Coll√®ge Miles Macdonell Collegiate, and all four of them placed first in their categories. Keira and...

RETSD German Students Earn Honours

English-German Bilingual Program
May 06, 2021
‚Äč Congratulations to the following RETSD students who earned honours at the 47th annual Manitoba German Language Contest, which took place remotely this year due to the pandemic. A total of 424 German students from across Manitoba had the opportunity to test their German language abilities.
Junior A
Briana Schroeder (Chief...

One Great Week of Kindness

√Čcole Munroe Middle School
April 29, 2021
‚Äč This week, the leadership students at √Čcole Munroe Middle School are running One Great Week of Kindness. There are many events and challenges happening that promote kindness. One day, they stood along Munroe Avenue and Roch Street holding colourful lettered posters with two messages: "Kindness is Free" and "Welcome! You are amazing!"...

Students Talk with Prime Minister

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
April 29, 2021
‚Äč Students from the sTeam program at Miles Macdonell got to take part in a virtual town hall with PM Justin Trudeau and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland. Nate Harris (pictured) represented the class and got to ask a question developed by him and his classmates. Exciting!  If you watch the town...

School Gets Generous Donation

John Pritchard School
April 26, 2021
‚Äč John Pritchard School has plans to revitalize their school grounds with an ambitious project that includes landscape design, a basketball court, a gathering circle, picnic tables and benches, and new digital signage.
Today, they accepted a generous donation from Access Credit Union for $10,000! This donation will go toward creating...

Skills Manitoba Winners

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate & Kildonan-East Collegiate
April 21, 2021
‚Äč This year Skills Manitoba was held virtually and our competitors represented us well. Congratulations to all of our students who participated and to the following medalists:
3D Character Computer Animation‚ÄĒSecondary
Gold‚ÄĒAvery McAmmond & Abigail Yates
Coll√®ge Miles Macdonell Collegiate
3D Digital Game Art‚ÄĒSecondary
Silver‚ÄĒConner Lavineway
Kildonan-East Collegiate
Gold‚ÄĒMichael Abellera
Kildonan-East Collegiate
Silver‚ÄĒRaija Ryynanen
Kildonan-East Collegiate...

Teacher Honoured for Teaching Excellence

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
April 19, 2021
Congratulations to Kimberly Dudek on being chosen to receive a Manitoba Excellence in Education Award from Manitoba Education and Training. Ms. Dudek, who teaches at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate, was honoured for Teaching Excellence.
"Kim's active school involvement and passion for teaching make her invaluable to the school," said former student Julleyne...

Teacher Honoured as Outstanding New Educator

McLeod Education Centre
April 16, 2021
‚Äč Congratulations to Ryley Larway on being chosen to receive a Manitoba Excellence in Education Award from Manitoba Education and Training. Ms. Larway, who teaches at RETSD's McLeod Education Centre, was honoured for being an Outstanding New Educator. "Ryley is an exceptionally outstanding new teacher!" said Candace Rea, director of adult...

Anishinaabe Knowledge Keeper

√Čcole Neil Campbell School
March 24, 2021
‚Äč On March 24, √Čcole Neil Campbell School was thrilled to have a virtual storytelling session with Lorie Thompson, an Anishinaabe knowledge keeper who grew up on her family's trap lines near Pine Creek. She is very knowledgeable about reading the land, cultural protocols and ceremonies, and contemporary movements for Indigenous...

Human Rights Museum

John W. Gunn Middle School
March 18, 2021
‚Äč For the last month or so and until the end of March, Grade 7 students at John W. Gunn Middle School have been learning and discussing human rights and how they affect the world around us.
Normally, the Grade 7s would visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, but since...

CBC Playlist Challenge

Valley Gardens Middle School
March 12, 2021
‚Äč Congratulations to Tyler Del Pino (far right) and his music students from Valley Gardens Middle School for winning the CBC Playlist Challenge! Valley Gardens was one of 10 schools chosen from across Canada for this contest. The project involved a series of activities that teachers could use to build their classes'...

Black History Month Takes a Tasty Turn

Kildonan-East Collegiate
February 23, 2021
‚Äč Black History Month at Kildonan-East Collegiate is a very busy and exciting time. The student-led committee has several activities planned throughout the month, all with the goal of spreading awareness and understanding throughout the greater community. And what better way to do so than having fun!? Activities include a schoolwide...

Students Enjoy Virtual Visit with Author

Maple Leaf School
February 17, 2021
‚Äč For I Love to Read Month, Maple Leaf School had a virtual author visit with Lisa Bowes, who is a Canadian children's author. She is a former sports reporter and now writes the book series Lucy Tries, which tells the story of all the different sports Lucy tries. She did...

Moose Hide Campaign

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
February 11, 2021
‚ÄčToday‚ÄĒFebruary 11‚ÄĒis Moose Hide Campaign Day. It's a national campaign to end violence against women and children and involves both Indigenous and non-Indigenous boys and men standing up against such violence.
By wearing a square of moose hide, they signify that they're committed to protecting the women and children...

RETSD staff member receives MCEC award

Student Services
February 11, 2021
‚Äč Congratulations to Mary LaPage Leclerc, RETSD's student services consultant, on being chosen by the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children to receive a Yes I Can certificate of recognition.
A true pioneer in supporting students and their families in the field of educational inclusion, Mary has served as a home teacher (for...

Black History Month

√Čcole Munroe Middle School
February 11, 2021
‚Äč For Black History Month, √Čcole Munroe Middle School has been focusing on Black history in Canada, but spending time learning about Black history in America, too, because the two are connected.
They kicked off the month with some leadership students reading the Maya Angelou poem "A Pledge to Our Youth"...

Virtual Visit With Author

Westview School
February 05, 2021
‚Äč Yesterday, two classes of Westview students had a virtual visit with a Canadian author Terri-Lynn Johnson.  A Grade 4 class had been learning about letter writing while reading Ms. Johnson's book "Dog Driven" as a class read aloud. They decided to write to her and, before break, she wrote them...

EMU students enjoy outdoor learning

√Čcole Margaret-Underhill
February 04, 2021
‚Äč Kindergarten to Grade 3 students from √Čcole Margaret-Underhill spent some time outside during the great weather in January observing changes and animals in the community. They noticed there was a lot of white and a lot of birds.
Kindergarten students collected nature items and made colourful ice decorations. They learnt...

Students enjoy virtual story time

Emerson & Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton Schools
February 03, 2021
‚Äč Today‚ÄĒFebruary 3‚ÄĒis World Read Aloud Day, but for some students at Emerson School and Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School every day is a read aloud day thanks to library technician Patricia DeBruyn. She's made it her mission to read storybooks to the Grade 1 and 2 students every day at 2:30...

Program Wins Certificate of Recognition

Kildonan-East Collegiate
February 02, 2021
‚Äč Congratulations to the Culinary Arts Program at Kildonan-East Collegiate on being chosen to receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children!
At Kildonan-East Collegiate, all students are included and there are examples throughout the school of students with different abilities experiencing success in the classroom‚ÄĒespecially in...

Student Wins Award for Use of Technology

Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School
January 29, 2021
‚Äč Congratulations to Carlyn B., a Grade 5 student from Dr. F.W.L. Hamilton School, who was recently chosen to receive a Yes I Can Award from the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children.
Carlyn won in the category of Technology for use of her iPad and the augmented assistive language program called...

Principal receives kudos from mayor

Bernie Wolfe School
January 15, 2021

Paralympian Visits with Students

Donwood School
January 06, 2021
‚Äč A Grade 4/5 class at Donwood School welcomed a veteran from Team Canada and an ambassador from the Rick Hansen Foundation, Jared Funk, into their classroom virtually to discuss disability and inclusion.  Jared has competed in wheelchair rugby since 2001, winning three Paralympic medals‚ÄĒsilver in Athens 2004, bronze in Beijing 2008, and silver in London 2012. He was introduced...

Gingerbread House Competition

Kildonan-East Collegiate
December 18, 2020
C ongratulations to Kildonan-East Collegiate pastry arts student Naya Bird. Naya entered the Skills M anitoba  Gingerbread House Competition and she received first place! Here are some photos of the finished house and of her plans. Well done, Naya!

Hearts for Heroes

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
December 18, 2020
‚Äč Hearts for Heroes was a small way for Murdoch Mackay Collegiate to show their appreciation to essential workers. They chose to share their hearts with their neighbours at Park Manor, to let them know how appreciated they are during these uncertain times, especially during the holiday season. Staff and students...

Winter Holidays Around the World

John W. Gunn Middle School
December 18, 2020
‚Äč This is a display the Grade 7s created this year at John W. Gunn Middle School. The students and staff have noticed how diverse their student population is becoming. Teachers Pardeep Duggal and Mia Bernasconi guided many conversations around sharing similarities and celebrating differences. After these conversations a boy named...

RBC Indigenous Student Award

River East Collegiate
December 17, 2020
‚Äč Congratulations to Dinara Lawrence, a River East Collegiate 2020 graduate, on winning the RBC Indigenous Student Award of $20,000 dollars. (Wow!) The RBC Indigenous Student Awards Program was launched in 1992 to assist Indigenous students to complete post-secondary education, and provide an opportunity for RBC to strengthen its relationship with...

Building Brains

Polson School
November 12, 2020
‚Äč In October, Kristine Kasdorf, inclusion teacher, visited Room 4 students at Polson School to work with them on learning about how the brain works.  The students learned that their brains control their actions, memories, feelings, and thoughts.  They each created a brain as a tool to help them remember and...

Graphic Communications

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
October 29, 2020
‚Äč This first-time graphic communications student at Mudoch MacKay designed the logo and put together the layout for lawn signs for his brother's business. He incorporated numeracy in his measurements and literacy skills as he considered the audience, purpose, and how to create an effective message. As well, he considered environmental...

Outdoor Learning

John de Graff School
October 22, 2020
‚Äč Many of our schools took to outdoor learning when the weather was warmer, including this John de Graff class. Teacher Sasha Bargen says, "Our outdoor learning experiences so far have been very rewarding and authentic to what we are learning in the classroom. We make connections to letters, numbers, shapes,...

Ukrainian Stained Glass

Prince Edward School & Chief Peguis Middle School
October 15, 2020
‚Äč Students enrolled in the English-Ukrainian Bilingual program in Prince Edward School and Chief Peguis Middle School had the opportunity to work on a community-supported research project, producing samples of Ukrainian stained-glass designs with the help of artist Ben Wasylyshen. Students studied lines, colours, and techniques with Mr. Wasylyshen and produced...

Teacher Dons Tutu for Terry

Joseph Teres School
October 02, 2020
‚Äč Here's a teacher who keeps his promise!
The phys-ed teacher at Joseph Teres School, Mr. Gough, said that he would teach classes for the whole day in a tutu if the students reached their Terry Fox fundraising goal. They did it! They raised $400 for the Terry Fox Foundation by...

Joseph Teres unveils new play structure

Joseph Teres School
September 09, 2020
Just in time for the start of the school year, and after years of hard work by the Joseph Teres PAC, the school unveiled their new play structure on August 31. MLA James Teitsma and city councillor Shawn Nason were on hand to celebrate the moment with the JT PAC and principal Arlis...

Winnipeg Harvest Fundraiser

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
June 22, 2020
‚Äč Kudos to the automotive technology students at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate. They worked hard to restore a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor, which was then raffled off to raise money for Winnipeg Harvest. They raised $4,375! Pictured are the automotive tech students and teacher Lucas MacIntosh delivering the donation to Winnipeg Harvest.

Reverse Parade

√Čcole Neil Campbell School
June 03, 2020
‚Äč √Čcole Neil Campbell School got some beautiful weather for their successful ‚ÄúReverse Parade,‚ÄĚ held on May 22. In this parade, the school staff stood on the sidewalk in front of the school while students and families drove by in their cars, waving and honking. It was nonstop cars for 30...

Canadian Concours d'art Oratoire

Kildonan-East Collegiate
June 03, 2020
‚Äč Congratulations to Emily Kruk‚ÄĒa Grade 10 student at Kildonan-East Collegiate‚ÄĒon winning first place in the Grade 10 Core French Division of the Canadian Concours d'art Oratoire virtual contest. The title of the contest was "Ma vie Face au COVID-19" and students created 3‚Äď5-minute videos talking about how life has changed,...

Manitoba-Germany Exchange celebrates 40th anniversary

English-German Bilingual Program
June 02, 2020
The 2018/19 Manitoba-Germany Exchange students from Manitoba head off to Germany for three months of living in their exchange partners' homes.
By Nicolien Klassen-Wiebe
For the first time in the Manitoba-Germany Exchange's 40 years of existence, Canadian students will not be able to reunite with their exchange partners in Germany...

Boomerang Project

Transcona Collegiate
June 01, 2020
‚Äč Woodworking students from Transcona Collegiate created boomerangs out of plywood using a Larken CNC router. The students then had to shape and decorate the boomerangs, and share videos of themselves testing it. As one teacher pointed out, it's a great COVID-appropriate pastime‚ÄĒa one-person game of catch!

Parade & Food Drive

√Čcole Margaret-Underhill
May 22, 2020
‚Äč On Wednesday  the √Čcole Margaret-Underhill staff completed a 2.5-hour parade for the kiddos of their school.  They also did a food drive for Transcona Food Bank. They collected two truck boxes full! Enough to make 30 hampers for families of their community.  It was such an emotional experience, knowing that...

Schulich Leader

Collège Miles Macdonell Collegiate
May 20, 2020
‚Äč Congratulations to Shubhneet Thind from Coll√®ge Miles Macdonell Collegiate on being selected to be a Schulich Leader at the University of Manitoba, winning $80,000 in scholarship funding! Shubhneet is now part of an esteemed network of national STEM scholars at one of Canada's leading universities. Way to go! 

Home Woods Projects

River East Collegiate
April 30, 2020
‚Äč What a great way to make use of time at home ‚Äď learning AND sprucing up the house! Braeden, a student at River East Collegiate, has completed several projects at home and used them for credit in Woods class. He finished some baseboards, built two workbenches (one for the garage...

Wolf TV

Arthur Day Middle School
April 24, 2020
‚Äč A big RETSD shout out to the staff at Arthur Day Middle School who put on a weekly show called Wolf TV that keeps the students, staff, and community connected. The staff have been producing two to three shows per week with announcements, local celebrity shout outs, interactive games, kindness/respect challenges,...

Students Chat with Stratford Director

River East Collegiate
April 20, 2020
‚Äč Last week, River East Collegiate drama students were fortunate to have the opportunity to take part in a video conference led by the Stratford Festival's production director, Simon Marsden (pictured). Mr. Marsden has been the production director not only in Stratford, Ontario, but also in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Also participating were...

Student Receives Humanitarian Award

John Pritchard School
April 17, 2020
‚Äč Congratulations to Jessica Kakeeway-Catcheway, recipient of a Youth Humanitarian Award from the Manitoba Teachers' Society. Jessica is a Grade 4 student at John Pritchard and her teacher Katie Goossen nominated her for organizing a bake sale to support the school's breakfast program.  Jessica's class was learning about the UN's Sustainable...

Virtual Drum Circle

Indigenous Academic Achievement
April 17, 2020
‚Äč RETSD's Indigenous Academic Achievement (IAA) team is inviting students to participate in a virtual drum circle with Lisa Aymont Hunter, Ishkode Obimiwidoon/Indigenous Community Networker. These drum circles will occur every Friday at noon via Microsoft TEAMS.
During the virtual drum circles, Ms. Aymont Hunter will share Indigenous stories and lead...

Nutrition Program

Valley Gardens Middle School
April 15, 2020
‚Äč Valley Gardens Middle School officially started a Nutrition Program to support students and families during this challenging time.  Students and families can pick up food on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11 a.m. at Valley Gardens; if they are unable to come to the school VG will drop it off at...

Poetry In Voice

Kildonan-East Collegiate
March 13, 2020
‚ÄčCongratulations to the team from Kildonan-East Collegiate who earned first place in the regional Poetry in Voice competition!  Mariam-Jenlex Bockarie, Sydney Bear, and Makayla Estabrooks competed against seven other teams from schools around the province and it's the second year in a row KEC came out on top.
Poetry in Voice...

Black History Month

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate
March 12, 2020
‚Äč Murdoch MacKay Collegiate held a series of events in February to celebrate Black History Month, and one student stood out as a leader‚ÄĒJulleyne Sewell. Julleyne organized an incredible cultural feast for the BHM committee and community of Murdoch, assorted trivia and games, and a movie and discussion week for all...

Jazz Band Festival Award

Transcona Collegiate
March 11, 2020
‚Äč Congratulations to the Transcona Collegiate jazz band directed by Dan Steinhilber (front left). They were presented with the Jazz Band Festival Award by the Manitoba Band Association. The award is presented in recognition of exemplary performance, mature on and off stage presence, commitment to the festival, and the development of...

Human Library

Bird's Hill School
March 11, 2020
‚Äč Recently, Bird‚Äôs Hill School held a "human library" to wrap up I Love to Read month. Special presentations included an Indigenous drum group from Transcona Collegiate, iReuse2, the East St. Paul and Winnipeg Fire Departments, the Winnipeg Police, a smudge led by students and staff, 204 Parkour, a fitness instructor,...

Indigenous Learning

√Čcole Neil Campbell School
March 10, 2020
‚Äč This year, √Čcole Neil Campbell School has been working with the division‚Äôs Indigenous Academic Education staff to increase knowledge about the importance of treaties. After some very purposeful teaching, every student in the school created their own treaty medal and students in every classroom collaborated to create their own classroom treaty....

I Love to Read Month

‚Äč√Čcole Neil Campbell School
March 09, 2020
‚Äč √Čcole Neil Campbell School was a busy place throughout the month of February for I Love to Read Month. Some of their many guests included: Constable Boileau from the Winnipeg Police, an officer from the Canadian military, world champion curler Reid Carruthers, and Les R√©gnier‚ÄĒThe R√©gnier family (the official family of...

Students Meet Bill Nye

Transcona Collegiate
March 06, 2020
Recently, four students from Ms. Buffie's science class at Transcona Collegiate took part in a contest that led to them meeting BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!  They created a video on climate change and submitted it to a contest called Take 3 for Climate Justice. They won! As a result, they and...

Keeping Markers Out of Landfills

√Čcole Salisbury Morse Place School
March 06, 2020
‚Äč Used up markers are getting a second life thanks to Ms. Burnett's Grade 1/2 class at √Čcole Salisbury Morse Place School. The students are collecting them to be recycled by Crayola's Color Cycle program, which saves them from the landfill and turns them into shingles, asphalt, and even electricity. The...

Looking After Our Earth

Angus McKay School
March 06, 2020
‚Äč We'd like to give a shout out Ms. McFarlane's Grade 1 class at Angus McKay School‚ÄĒespecially three enterprising students.  They were concerned about the Styrofoam trays they noticed the parent council was using for their Christmas bake sale. So, they did some research and found a company called Canada Green...

Chief Peguis 50th Anniversary

Chief Peguis Middle School
March 03, 2020

Yes I Can! Awards

River East Transcona School Division
February 28, 2020
‚Äč Congratulations to the RETSD students and employees honoured by the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC) at their annual Yes I Can! awards ceremony last week.
The awards acknowledge the achievements of children and youth with disabilities and encourage them to seek their highest potential. They were presented to: Joey...

Students Pitch Housing Ideas

√Čcole Munroe Middle School
February 27, 2020
‚Äč Over the past month, the Grade 7 students at √Čcole Munroe Middle School have been focused and working on the challenge of the homeless housing situation in Winnipeg. They‚Äôve been studying the needs of the homeless, as well as the other stakeholders involved. On February 25, they pitched the prototype...

DJ Visits Former School

Joseph Teres School
February 25, 2020
‚Äč Joseph Teres School was visited by a radio DJ recently for I Love to Read Month‚ÄĒone who is a former student!  Tyler Magnaye, the afternoon drive announcer at Virgin 103.1, stopped by to read students the book "Giraffe and Bird" by Canadian author Rebecca Bender. He also talked to the...

Snow Sculptures

Collège Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau
February 21, 2020
‚Äč As part of a Grade 9 cross-curricula project at Coll√®ge Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, students selected an object that symbolized the origins of Manitoba in celebration of its 150th birthday and sculpted it in snow.  In social studies, the students needed to connect their object to Indigenous roots. In math, the students needed...

Raising Funds for Australian Wildlife

Angus McKay School
February 10, 2020
‚ÄčGrade 1 and 4 students at Angus McKay School have been busy making and selling miniature clay koalas to help the animals of Australia affected by the devastating bush fires. The students were inspired by a six-year-old boy from the USA named Owen Colley. When Owen heard of the bush fires,...

Game Jam

Kildonan-East Collegiate
February 05, 2020
‚Äč Recently, Kildonan-East Collegiate students took part in the GameOn 2020 Game Jam. A game jam is a gathering of people for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time. The challenge was to take an incomplete space game and finish a...

Reading Takes Flight

Donwood Elementary School
February 05, 2020
‚Äč Ms. Amy Northcliffe's Grade 1 class at Donwood Elementary School got a wonderful surprise on February 3 when they were visited by three Jets players‚ÄĒAnthony Bitetto, Cameron Schilling, and Jansen Harkins‚ÄĒwho read "Whiteout: A Winnipeg Jets Story" to the class. The students earned the visit by entering a video in the...

Sigmund Brouwer Visits

Arthur Day Middle School
February 04, 2020
‚Äč Arthur Day Middle School kicked off I Love to Read Month with an incredible presentation by author Sigmund Brouwer, whose novel Dead Man's Switch won the Arthur Ellis Award for Canada's best young adult mystery of the year. Brouwer has over 100 titles & 4 million books in print.

Indigenous Use of Bison

Bernie Wolfe Community School
January 31, 2020
Students in Ms. Bobychuk's class at Bernie Wolfe Community School learned all about the importance of the bison to the Cree, Oji-Cree, Ojibwa, Anishinaabe, and Dene people living in the Plains. They had a hands-on experience as they looked at the parts of a bison, and tried to figure out what...

Literacy Project

Murdoch MacKay Collegiate & Harold Hatcher Elementary School
January 28, 2020
‚Äč Some Murdoch MacKay Collegiate students visited Harold Hatcher Elementary School recently to engage the younger children as part of a literacy project for their Grade 12 English class.
The Murdoch students were paired up with the younger students and read stories to them they had written. They had to plot...

Soup-y Sale

Miles Macdonell Collegiate
January 27, 2020
‚Äč Recently, students from Miles Macdonell Collegiate's ESD committee (Education for Sustainable Development) held a delicious fundraiser. They sold homemade soup prepared from vegetables grown in their school garden, frozen after the harvest. In order to encourage sustainable habits, staff and students who brought their own bowls received a discount and...

Valentines for Veterans

Angus McKay School
January 27, 2020
C lasses at Angus McKay School have been busy preparing Valentine cards to share with veterans through the Valentines for Veterans initiative. They're hoping they can bring cheer to veterans across the country this Valentine's Day by letting them know they're appreciated. If you're interested in joining them, information can be...

Kolyada Celebration

English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program
January 24, 2020
These beautiful photos were taken at a celebration of Kolyada on January 23 at Bernie Wolfe Community School. Students, dressed in their Ukrainian cultural costumes, performed for family, friends, and special guests, and everyone enjoyed a meal together. The students taking part are in the division's English-Ukrainian Bilingual Program. (Photos by: Norbert...

Building & Coding Robots

Bertrun E. Glavin Elementary
January 16, 2020
‚Äč Some Grade 5 students from Bertrun E. Glavin Elementary built a k8 modular robot all by themselves! They're now working on coding their micro:bit to control it. Teacher Chelsey Doerksen said the amount of independence and problem-solving that came out of this small group was incredible to see.

A Great Way to Start the Day

Murdoch McKay Collegiate
January 15, 2020
This morning, individualized students and staff served up delicious, free oatmeal with a variety of toppings to the folks at Murdoch McKay Collegiate. What a great way to start the day!

Wheelchair Basketball

River East Collegiate
January 13, 2020
‚Äč Last week, the phys-ed staff at River East Collegiate ran a wheelchair basketball unit at their school. Students had an opportunity to learn just how difficult the sport really is! 

'Auntie Gwen' a Hit with Students

Sun Valley School
January 10, 2020
‚Äč "Auntie Gwen" Sharp has been volunteering at Sun Valley School since 2014, and now helps with the Face to Face program‚ÄĒvolunteers drop in to listen as Grades 1‚Äď5 students read aloud. Teachers have seen measurable growth in reading skills, social skills, and student confidence as a result. Mrs. Sharp is...

School Patrols in the Santa Claus Parade

Sherwood School
November 19, 2019
‚Äč Students from Sherwood School's dedicated school patrol team, along with supervisor Kendra Borgford, were invited to ride the CAA Manitoba float and represent Winnipeg's School Patrols on Saturday, Nov. 16th during the Santa Claus Parade. 

KEC Culinary Program Hosting Christmas Luncheon & Featured in Herald

Kildonan-East Collegiate
October 31, 2019
‚Äč The KEC culinary program will be hosting a Christmas gourmet luncheon on December 12 2019.
You can view the menu here. The program was also featured in this months edition of the Herald.
you can view the
article here. ...

Mountain Bike Club

Joseph Teres & Westview Schools
October 03, 2019
‚Äč Two RETSD schools united to hit the trails with their bikes and their enthusiasm. Teacher David Markham from Joseph Teres School and teacher Patricia Tomczyk from Westview School (a former student of Mr. Markham) are leading staff, students, and their families in a mountain bike club.
Mr. Markham started the...

Orange Shirt Day

River East Transcona School Division
October 03, 2019
Schools throughout RETSD observed Orange Shirt Day with a variety of activities and ceremonies on top of the learning they did about residentials schools and their impact on Indigenous communities. Here's a roundup of just a few.
Bird's Hill School Last week, Bird's Hill students read several stories to learn about...

Golf Team Wins Provincials Again

Kildonan-East Collegiate
September 25, 2019
‚Äč Congratulations to the Kildonan-East Collegiate boys golf team‚ÄĒcoached by teacher Karl Zborowsky‚ÄĒon winning the provincial golf championship for the second time in a row! Wow, well done, guys. On the phone (above the banner) is their former coach and teacher, Curt Bauer, who FaceTimed with them to be in the...

School Support Staff Recognition Week

River East Transcona School Division
September 23, 2019
‚Äč September 23‚Äď27, 2019, is School Support Staff Recognition Week! There are a lot of people who make the education of our students possible‚ÄĒamong others, custodians, bus drivers, mechanics, educational assistants, clerks, library technicians, maintenance staff, community connectors, IT and AV technicians, attendance and safety officers, couriers, and food service workers....

Annual Cross-Country Races

Early & Middle Years Schools
September 20, 2019
‚Äč RETSD held the first of its annual cross-country races for Grades 6‚Äď8 at Harbourview Park. The students had a great time and really worked hard. There are still races scheduled at Bird's Hill Park in the coming weeks for another Grade 6‚Äď8 group, as well as Grade 3‚Äď5 students. Best...

Student Council Retreat

Miles Macdonell Collegiate
September 18, 2019
‚Äč On Sept. 9‚Äď10, 52 new and returning members of the Miles Macdonell Collegiate student council group spent time at their annual Camp Arnes retreat. Students worked on team-building, leadership skills, and goal-setting for the coming school year. It was fun, purposeful, and developed a sense of community.

Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

River East Collegiate
September 17, 2019
‚Äč Congratulations to Alex Smolianytskyi, a Grade 10 student at River East Collegiate, on being selected to be a part of the mayor's Youth Advisory Council! The Youth Advisory Council is a resource to the mayor and ensures youth voices in Winnipeg are heard. Council members have the chance to give...

First Place at Concours Nationals

Miles Macdonell Collegiate
September 16, 2019
A belated congratulations to Shubhneet Thind from Miles Macdonell Collegiate, who‚ÄĒ after winning a gold medal at the Manitoba Concours d'art oratoire (French competition)‚ÄĒ went on to win FIRST PLACE in Level 1 at the national finals in Ottawa in June. Well done!

Vegetable Bounty in Schoolyard

Sherwood School
September 16, 2019
‚Äč Sherwood School had a vegetable bounty in their schoolyard over the past few months, thanks to the hard work done by students and staff.  They grew tomatoes, basil, eggplant, leeks, onions, parsley, lemon balm, Buckingham yellow zucchini, potatoes, and two sunflowers.  Though much of the produce was used by families...

Embroidery Workshop

Angus McKay School
June 27, 2019
‚Äč Recently, Grade 5 girls at Angus McKay School were led through an embroidery workshop with Toronto Art Therapy Institute student Rebecca Epp. The aim was to build self-confidence and self-esteem, and educate participants in mental health practices, mindfulness, and social awareness.
Through learning the slow art form of embroidery, the girls were...

Teacher Wins Rick Hansen Award

Munroe Junior High School
June 25, 2019
‚Äč Congratulations to Tyler Bargen, a teacher at Munroe Junior High School, who was chosen to receive a prestigious award from the Rick Hansen Foundation ‚ÄĒ he's been recognized as one of only four Educator Difference Makers of the Year from across Canada!  Tyler set up a week of activities at...