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River East Transcona School Division
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We've organized all our school year calendars and put them on one page for the convenience of parents and students—kindergarten odd- and even-day calendars, 6-day calendars, and 2-day calendars. As well, there's a 4-year calendar containing significant dates should families need those dates to plan their schedules.

2021–22 School Year

Kindergarten Even-Day (Caterpillars): 2021–22
Kindergarten Odd-Day (Ladybugs): 2021–22
Grades 1–8 (6-Day): 2021–22
Grades 9–12  (2-Day): 2021–22

2022–23 School Year

Kindergarten Even-Day (Caterpillars): 2022–23
Kindergarten Odd-Day (Ladybugs): 2022–23
Grades 1–8 (6-Day): 2022–23
Grades 9–12  (2-Day): 2022–23

4-Year Calendar

4-Year Calendar: 2022–26