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River East Transcona School Division
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On January 25, 2022, the board of trustees held a Virtual Community Consultation event with members of the RETSD community. The board shared the results of the recent ThoughtExchange, as well as information regarding budget deliberations. To view the full reports, please click on the three images below.

Community Consulation January 25 2022.jpg
2021 Dec ThoughtExchange.jpg

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Given the rampant rise in property valuations, how much in additional funds has that added to capital for the division?

    ​The recent property valuations for the City of Winnipeg are proposed for 2023. The City does provide the division a monthly update of assessed values, as determined by the City, until the final assessment in March. It is unknown at this time how much additional funds will be added until the final assessment is received.

  • Can you explain why there is a gap between school divisions for spending per pupil?

    RETSD has intricate knowledge of the spending and decisions made for our school division. For a breakdown of all divisions, please see the FRAME document on the province’s website: Finance and Statistics | Manitoba Education (

  • Are any additional funds being allocated to improve air quality in schools to address COVID-19 risk? Is there additional funding from the provincial government?

    School divisions were invited to apply for the $6.8M in funding announced by the province in November/December of 2021. RETSD submitted $750,000 of proposals and $350,000 was approved.