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Bernie Wolfe Mural

June 23, 2017
​                                    Legacy of Bernie Wolfe At Bernie Wolfe Community School, we celebrate differences and the diversity of our time, our people and our community. We have illustrated and inspired our students in their amazing journey that honours the Canadian Experience full of sounds, sights, emotions and cultivating knowledge. Together, we...

Butterflies Are Here - 2C Class

June 13, 2017
​ We have butterflies!  This term in science, we have learned about animals, their groupings, and their adaptations.  As part of our unit of study we have watched these butterflies go through the process of metamorphosis.  They arrived at our school on Wednesday, May 24 as tiny larvae.  We made them a...

Walk A Thon Success

June 08, 2017
​ We are very pleased to announce our students raised approximately $8000.00 for the Walk A Thon!  These funds will be put to good use next year to help support many of the school's needs and programs offered to all students. A big thank you to all our sponsors, our community...

Butterfly Larvae!

May 25, 2017
​ What was in the box? BUTTERFLY LARVAE! We are going to watch these larvae go through metamorphosis to become Painted Lady butterflies. Mrs. Brajczuk Class - 2C

MYRCA - Battle of the Books

May 12, 2017
​This year, 5 students from grade 5 Bernie Wolfe MYRCA club, were chosen to participate in the 2017 MYRCA club, Battle of the Books. There, they competed against several schools in a game show style, where they had to answer the questions by saying the title of the book. There were...