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River East Transcona School Division
creating student success


We are a leader in integrating Aboriginal perspectives into the learning environment in all 42 of our schools through our Aboriginal Academic Achievement (AAA) programming.

AAA aims to:

  • Strengthen the sense of belonging and pride among Aboriginal learners in their cultural heritage
  • Deepen the understanding and appreciation of Canada's First Peoples among students from other cultural backgrounds
  • Support teachers and students in curriculum and classroom program development
  • Enhance Aboriginal academic achievement

The program – funded through a special grant from Manitoba Education – allows us to provide authentic and successful Aboriginal cultural programming to our students and staff by integrating Aboriginal history and perspectives into the curriculum and offering a variety of cultural and curricular learning activities in our schools.

Some of our learning activities include:

  • Team teaching to enhance students' learning experiences
  • Traditional teachings by our Divisional Elders
  • Smudge ceremonies and Sharing Circles
  • Guest presenters and teachers sharing cultural wisdom on Drumming, Tipi, Medicine Wheel, Seven Sacred Teachings, dance, and plant medicines
  • Afterschool cultural clubs for students from grades 4 to 8
  • Aboriginal role model/mentorships from our AAA staff for students
  • Divisional community Powwows
  • Culturally-focused field trips
  • Cultural professional development for our school staff
  • Curriculum development and program planning with our schools
  • Classroom presentations on the history of the First Peoples of Canada

A main factor in our success is our "Medicine Wheel – All Four Nations" approach to sharing cultural knowledge, which means students and staff from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds participate in our AAA activities.