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Preschool programming

Here is a quick overview of the free preschool programming offered by our Early Childhood Unit. You will find all of the details you need to register for these programs in our Kinder Links newsletters.

Weekly Programs (no fee but registration required)

Introduce your baby to the joy of songs, rhymes and finger plays in this hour-long program.

A fun-loving, supportive yoga practice filled with proven techniques to playfully teach toddlers yoga postures.

This hour-long, dynamic program for parents and toddlers features high-energy rhymes, singing, book sharing and puppets.

This interactive session for parents and children is jam-packed with ideas for keeping the whole family fit, active and full of energy.

This is an exciting program featuring an interactive group story experience, rhyme time and a book-sharing circle.

A tasty new early learning program, Purple Stew focuses on themes of healthy eating and nutrition through lively songs, rhymes, books, crafts and activities.

Families will enjoy songs, books, games and activities focusing on counting and early math.

Participants will have fun learning about being a good friend, taking turns, understanding and managing their emotions and developing problem-solving skills.

Parents and children will have a “hoot” participating in this evening program where they will enjoy quality time together playing with toys, reading books, singing and creating art.

Single-session Programs (no fee but registration required)

This is an evening pyjama party for the whole family.

Bring the whole family to a beach party without the sand!

Families will have the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt, play games, make crafts, read some great books and have fun meeting other families in their community.

This is a fun, interactive session for parents and kids with members from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

This program celebrates nursery rhymes and storybooks. Participants will make homemade books, participate in story-telling activities, and play games inspired by their favourite storybooks and nursery rhymes. A special puppet show wraps up the evening.

This is a musically-inspired event. Participants have the opportunity to play musical instruments, make homemade instruments and will end the evening with a marching band and sing-along.

During this art extravaganza, participants are sure to enjoy finger painting, making chalk drawings, creating interesting collages, crafting with play dough and more! The evening winds up with an interactive story and sing-along.

Families are invited to bring a picnic supper and enjoy special activities such as face painting, parachute rhyme time, and bingo.

Drop-in Programs (no fee and no registration required)

Stay & Play programs are being offered out of many of our early years schools. Join other families in the neighbourhood once a week for an informal morning or afternoon of singing, playing, crafting and reading. Check Kinder Links to find out where Stay & Play programs are offered.