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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines the roles and responsibilities of our students, employees, and parents and guardians in promoting a safe and healthy school environment. It describes the proactive strategies we use to create a positive school climate, and the range of consequences we have established for behaviour that interferes with safety, learning and work. Ask at your child’s school about initiatives being taken there to create a safe and caring centre for learning. Our Code of Conduct is consistent with the Safe Schools Charter of Manitoba.

Positive behaviour intervention and supports

RETSD promotes positive behaviour intervention and supports (PBIS) in all of our schools. Our divisional PBIS coaches work with school communities to create safe and caring environments in all areas of the school.

Medical needs 

Within Section J of our policy manual, we have a number of policies that explain the protocols and procedures for supporting students’ medical needs. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is a valued partner in developing student plans that facilitate effective healthcare intervention while students are at school.

Fire drills and lockdowns

Your child’s physical safety is important to us, which is why our schools routinely practice fire drills and lockdown procedures. When a serious incident requires the school to go into lockdown, a letter is sent home with students to inform parents.

Crossing guards

Adult crossing guards and student safety patrols help early years students safely cross streets near their schools. A student safety patrol is also assigned to school buses to help younger students get on and off the bus safely.

Student accident insurance

River East Transcona School Division and the Manitoba School Boards Association are committed to the health and welfare of our students. Informing you about different options for student accident insurance can help you to make an informed decision.

All RETSD students are automatically insured under our universal student accident insurance program. The program provides some basic medical coverage while students attend school or participate in school-organized activities. It also extends to provide coverage to Grade 11 and 12 students enrolled in an approved course or class outside of school that qualifies for credit in physical education. This coverage does not extend to any other activities at times outside of school or to a pre-existing illness or medical condition. River East Transcona School Division pays the coverage.

As parents, you can also purchase voluntary student accident insurance to complement the universal insurance. Endorsed by the Manitoba School Boards Association, the plan offers several options designed to meet individual needs.