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In River East Transcona, we believe all students can learn and that all students want to learn. Our Student Services Unit plays an integral role in helping our students with physical challenges, chronic health problems, and special learning, behaving and emotional needs to meet their full potential as learners and to flourish personally and socially.

Built on a foundation of inclusiveness, our multi-disciplinary teams of student services specialists assist schools in providing programming to students via a continuum of supports and services. They are supervised by managers of student services, with the entire department led by the assistant superintendent of student services.

Here are some of the services we provide through our Student Services Unit - Polson site:


Our psychologists, who are trained in both clinical and educational psychology, work with students, parents and teachers to promote academic, emotional and behavioural success. They offer comprehensive psychological evaluations, as well as consultation with school personnel in relation to student-specific learning and behaving needs.

Reading clinicians

Our reading clinicians are teachers who hold special certification through Manitoba Education. It is their job to identify our students’ diverse learning needs and make specific recommendations to school teams in all areas of academic instruction. They also provide leadership in the field of reading and literacy instruction.

School Social Workers

This team works closely with our school personnel and parents in order to meet students’ social/emotional needs at school and at home. Their goal is to support students so they can maximize their learning potential.

Speech-Language Pathologists

By evaluating students’ speech, language and communication skills, our speech-language pathologists can determine what communication problems exist and the best interventions for them. In this way, each student’s learning potential and socialization is maximized.